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About Us

Guwing Green started as an obsession in renewable energy, evolving into a company that provides real Australian families and businesses the power to utilise state of the art renewable energy technologies and long term sustainable energy solutions.


Our mission is to help everyday Aussies save thousands on their energy bills and beat the rising price of energy in Australia. We are proud to be helping Australian families and businesses save real money and work towards a cleaner and healthier global environment for our future generations.

Our point of difference is empowering, through educating, our clients to make the right choices and achieve the most bang for their buck! We do not compare ourselves to the competition out there, as we strive to put integrity back into the solar industry that has lost it's true purpose, helping people shift to renewable energy while safeguarding the environment. We are genuinely interested in getting Aussies to understand the technology and becoming informed customers before going green.

Guwing Green is connected to this land, which has a past we intend to preserve, a present which we all share and a future we are trying to improve. Guwing Green is working towards giving back to the Australian community by donating a percentage of our profits to various vulnerable communities.

We help everyday Aussies save thousands on their energy bills.

Did you know Guwing, pronounced go-ing,
is an Indigenous
Australian word for sun?

Interested in solar for your home/business?
Request a proposal today!​

Our team of engineers are here to help and will work with you to design a solar system that meets your energy needs and maximises your financial savings!

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