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Bespoke Projects


11.1kW Solar 

Bilgola Beach

Due to the copper facade of the house and roof, special mounting systems were used. A copper conduit was custom made to hide any cables. The selection of panels and micro-inverters had to take into account the nearby beach. For a system this small, it took a few months to plan and execute, but in the end our client was really happy with the quality and finesse.

7.4 kW Solar

Avalon Beach

The Aluminium standing seam roof needed a special mounting design to avoid any reaction between elements found in the roof sheets and the solar panel rails. A micro-inverter system was used as the site suffered from extensive shading throughout the day.


7.4 kW Solar 


The multiple orientations of the roof and the nature of the surrounding environment made this project quite challenging. Key design approach was to have the flexibility of increasing system size in the future, as well as connect a battery and EV charger powered by the solar system.

1.95 kW Solar

Five Dock

After modelling site consumption, the client needed to add ~ 4.5kWs to their existing system. The tile part of the roof was high pitched, old and had no spare tiles. A cost to benefit analysis was conducted. In order to avoid potential roof leaks and other risks, 5 panels were placed on the extension part of the house made from tin (orange part of roof in picture).


5.46 kW Solar 


This site had one of the steepest roofs we've seen with a 50° pitch! After the customer was knocked back by many solar companies, we were able to step up to the challenge and get it done while meeting the highest saftey and quality standards throughout the entire process.

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