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How much money can I save with solar?

A quick rule of thumb is to multiply your current electricity bill by 0.4 and the answer is your potential savings after installing solar!

E.g. Your bill is $1,000 this quarter. Using the calculation 1000 x 0.4 = 400 meaning you could potentially save you, your family and your business $400 this quarter. 

While this a great tool to get an idea of your potential savings, your actual savings are affected by:

  • Your electrical load profile. Meaning what you use, when you use it and for how long?

  • Solar system size and grid export restrictions in your area.

  • Feed-in Tariffs, which is what your retailer pays you for any excess energy you produce from solar and haven’t used. Different retailers offer different incentives.

  • Where you live. The more sun you get, the more $$$ you can save.

Are your solar systems covered by warranty?

Our solar systems are covered by a 5 year whole of system warranty as per CEC retailer approved guidelines.


You may have seen longer warranty periods however do not confuse a 25-year performance warranty with a 25 year system warranty. Performance warranty is strictly related to solar panels, meaning the panels should perform for 25 years at around 80% efficiency on the last year.

We haven’t heard of a single reputable company, offering a 25-year system warranty. We suggest steering away from companies that offer that.


A more realistic system warranty is 5 years. Most panels come with a 10-20 year product warranty, inverters 5-10 and batteries around 5-10 years as well.

I got offered Tier 1 Panels. Are they any good?

If a panel is branded as Tier 1, it means that according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance PV Module Tiering System, the manufacturer of this panel has Tier 1 bankability.


Meaning the manufacturer has a stable financial background as well as other criteria that would most likely keep them in the business for a long time.


A Tier 1 brand should not be confused with a measure of quality, performance, and efficiency of a panel albeit they do go hand in hand.

How much does installing a solar system cost?

The cost of a solar system depends on many factors that are assessed on an individual basis.

For example, compare your home to your neighbour’s.

  • Do they look the same?

  • If they do, do they have the same orientation?

  • What about available roof space?

  • Speaking of roofs, is it tile or tin?

  • Do you have any trees in your backyard or do they?

  • How many people live in your household and how many live in your neighbour’s?

  • Is your consumption during the day and is theirs at night?

As you can see, we have mentioned only a few factors that are taken into consideration when designing a solar system for you. Once our engineers have carefully assessed your home for your new solar system, an accurate proposal is shared for your consideration.

I was told that rebates are ending soon. Is this true?

If you consider 2030 to be soon, then yes, they are ending soon. Every year, rebates are reduced until the scheme ends in 2030.


For example, if you buy and install a solar system by the end of this year, it will cost you less than what you’d pay for a system installed in the beginning of 2022 all else being equal. 


You will still get rebates if you install a solar system next year or the year after that. Take your time, make the right choices and don’t be tricked into a solar system just because someone tells you the scheme is ending because it isn’t.

Interested in solar for your home/business?
Request a proposal today!​

Our team of engineers are here to help and will work with you to design a solar system that meets your energy needs and maximises your financial savings!

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