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Step 1


Solar systems can be a bit tech jargon intensive. Whether you intend to purchase a solar system, find out if it’s right for you, just curious about the technology or want to understand a quote you’ve received from a different company, it all starts with booking a quick consultation session with us.

Step 2


Our CEC design accredited engineering team will quantify your needs and capitalize on maximizing your benefits. Once that is achieved, we will share a preliminary design in the form of a proposal.

Step 3


Once you are happy with our proposal, we move your design to our project management team.

Step 4


Our project management team submits a grid connection application to your electricity distributor. Once approved, they will liaise with our CEC accredited installers, and aim to install your solar system within 2-4 weeks.

Step 5


After the install is complete, the system is commissioned. Congratulations! You are officially Guwing Green now!

Step 6

Follow up

We book a 8-12 month follow up with you. Our aim is not to sell and forget, but to make sure you are realizing the savings we have estimated and are happy with the service we have provided.

Interested in solar for your home/business?
Request a proposal today!​

Our team of engineers are here to help and will work with you to design a solar system that meets your energy needs and maximises your financial savings!

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